Rogers House moving has been in business since 1989, 18 years serving California.   We detail every project and job to make sure that it is performed with a high degree of safety and is done right the first time.



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Business Philosophy

With an upright  business philosophy, the company is built on integrity to provide a high quality product and reliable service for customers.


Company has 7 employees.   With the owner, Mike Rogers, having personally 30 years experience with 3 of the employees having over 40 years experience between them.   We have a very professional staff.   The company takes safety seriously, safety is no accident.   We believe in taking the extra precautions to keep the job safe.   My dad started Rogers House Moving in 1963 in Casper, Wyoming and before that my great uncle Ralph Trost moved houses in the bay area for over 30 years.   I, Mike Rogers am a 3rd generation house mover.   Moving houses has always been part of my life.   I learned a lot from my cousin, Ron Trost, who passed away in 1995.   My great uncle Ralph Trost helped me get my first start in the house moving profession.


To be an example in the community, to serve the community both during work and during personal time.

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